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We make it simple to get your special personal video message across clearly to your clients.

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Send the right message with the right information and tell the right story.

With , you tell the story by video recording from your mobile device. Watch what happens next!

Your client will receive your crystal-clear video message with the perfect message via email or text and you will receive alerts as soon as they do allowing you to perfectly time your next steps!

Stop the guessing if your client received your message and stop guessing if your true message came across via plain text or email – use and let Video win them over!


  • mobile-always

    Mobile always

    VidMyMessage is an app for your iPhone or Android device. Create your video message from anywhere!

  • easy-use

    Easy to use

    Our interface is friendly, familiar, and easy to use. 1-2-3 and you are recording! Stop when you are done and send your perfect video message. faster than typing a traditional email!

  • Notification


    Receive a notification each time your message is opened, or your video is viewed. Now’s your opportunity to follow up on your perfect client.

  • Activity review

    Activity review

    Review your messages and see how many times your prospect has viewed your messages. Helping you measure their interest.

Why we designed App?

Video is everywhere.

There are video chats, live Facebook feeds, there are YouTube channels but there is no easy way to get your custom video message across to someone important to you. A custom video message just for them.

We designed where you can record a personal video message and send it to your business prospect – easy as 1-2-3!

What a great way to get a prospect to feel, hear and see the passion of your offering.

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    Explore your options

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    Expand your business

    Get ahead of your competition. Put your personal brand in front of your clients first and make a lasting impression.

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We have 3 great offers for you to start making the best video messages



  • Maximum Video Length (seconds) 25
  • Maximum Number of Video/Month 5
  • Maximum Per Video Views 20
  • Videos Deleted After (days) 30
  • List Price $10.00
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Sales Pro


  • Maximum Video Length (seconds) 60
  • Maximum Number of Video/Month 200
  • Maximum Per Video Views 1000
  • Videos Deleted After (days) 60
  • List Price $17.50
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  • Maximum Video Length (seconds) 120
  • Maximum Number of Video/Month 200
  • Maximum Per Video Views 5000
  • Videos Deleted After (days) 300
  • List Price $25.00
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