Why we designed this App...?

Video is everywhere. There is Netflix, live Facebook feeds, and of course YouTube channels but there in no easy way to get your custom video message across to someone important to you.


With that in mind, we designed VidMyMessage for the professional so that you can easily record a video message and send it to your business prospect, client or anyone you need to get your personalized message to.


There is NO better way to get in front of someone wher they can feel, hear and see your passion of your offering.


Mobile always

VidMyMessage is a mobile app ready for your Iphone or your Andriod device.  No need to buy or use expensive video equipment.  You can make your video message anywhere, anytime!


Easy to use

Our interface is friendly, familiar and easy to use.

1-2-3 and you are recording!  Stop when you are done and you are ready to review or send your perfect video message.  Faster than typing an email!



Receive a notification each time your message your video is viewed.   Now’s your chance to follow up on your lead.  


Activity review

Review your sent messages and see how many times your prospect has viewed your messages and from where.  There are no surprises here.  Learn w

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