Emailing is for Losers!

Post on 2021-03-30 6:57:33 AM

How long does it take to compose a great email to a potential client? A well thought out, persuasive email that captures their attention and provokes a response. 5 minutes? 8 minutes? Sure, let's say 8 minutes.

Ok, now you've composed this great email and hit SEND. Now what? You wait and hope they've received it. You hope they open the email. You hope they read it. You hope they understood the message and the tone and the call to action. But that's all. Just a lot of hoping.

There's a better way. A way that requires no extra effort, training or special tools or programs. A way that can be tracked. A way that the message cannot be misinterpreted or misunderstood.


But you all know that. This is nothing new. In fact, there are many articles on LinkedIn that discuss the idea of using video. So I'm not going to tell you WHY but HOW to start.

The hardest part of starting to use video is starting to use video. You're going to come up with every excuse of why you can't. No time. It won't work. I'll do it later, tomorrow, next week. It's too dark. It's too sunny. My phone may die. I know them all because I used them all. Wanna know the real reason you're making those excuses? You're scared.

I was scared too. I'm a skinny guy with bags under my eyes who sounds like a frog with thinning hair. I look goofy on camera and I say 'uh' too much. Those excuses held me back for 9 years. It was June 5, 2007 when I created my first YouTube video of a pre-owned vehicle (check that bad-boy out) and it was the last one I created until just a few months ago. But I'm writing this to implore you to stop the excuses.

It takes a certain amount of confidence to turn the camera on you and record you! You expose yourself the way you see yourself (at least that's what we think) to your audience. It's all out there. And worst of all, we all torture ourselves by watching it back. But guess what? Your viewer doesn't see it. They don't see the wrinkles. They don't hear a raspy voice. They see a man or a woman. It's what they hear that is making the difference.

Proof: I sent this video to a client just a few nights ago. Wanting to be a leader to my sales team I thought:

"I'm gonna answer this lead with video, with no vehicle to show, in my pajamas, in my kitchen".

So I sent it.

Today we closed the sale with the client. As the client was chit chatting with the sales rep I heard him say:

"You know, I couldn't believe it! I sent in an email to you guys and within an hour this guy Mike sends me back a video talking to me. He was clearly not in the office and all he wanted to do was say he got my email and that you would be in contact with me. I had to show my wife".

Did you watch the video yet? Go watch it. Look at me! I'm in a t-shirt in my kitchen!!!

I didn't show him the car. I didn't answer a single question he had in the email (I didn't have my laptop or I would have). I offered nothing more than a personalized response BUT I was able to communicate my tone, sincerity and recognition of his needs and that's all it took to get the ball rolling.

Still scared? That's OK. It took me a lot of time and videos before I became this confident putting myself out there. So here is where you start. Whatever product you're selling I want you to go and practice somewhere private (for my team I asked them to go to the vehicle compound). Now I want you to take out your phone and just HIT RECORD.

Make me a sales pitch. Selling phone plans? Tell me why I should get your best selling plan. Selling printers? Tell me what your best selling model is and why it's so popular. Once you've completed the first video, DELETE IT! Get rid of it. Don't watch it, just toss it. It's served its purpose. Now do it again.

Funny how you got better and more comfortable, right? Sometimes it means doing a few takes to get it feeling right. You'll make mistakes too. You'll say something that sounds odd or say 'uh' a lot. Uhhhh, you're human! It happens! Go with it. That's your personalty shining through and people by from people. Don't make it harder than it is by trying to be perfect. The idea is for this to be AS EASY as typing an email but 100% more powerful and effective.

Now execute.

The practice videos are done. The customers are buying. You have work to do.

Motivation: I, like many of you I'm sure, follow Gary Vee (if you don't, do: Gary Vee). I had the privilege of meeting him and hearing him speak at the Haste & Hustle Conference last month. During his keynote he asked a very profound question:

"What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals?"

"Now reverse engineer that question and ask yourself if you're sacrificing enough to achieve your goals." watch it here

It hit me like a ton of bricks. It's such a profound question! I love it because you can't lie to yourself. You can't say "I'll sacrifice this to get to my goal" but you're not willing to sacrifice that, your conscious will tell you you're full of it. And if you way you'll sacrifice something and it's not enough you'll call yourself on that too. It's beautiful.

So to put that into perspective:

Are you willing to sacrifice your own fear, time and excuses to go out and try this?


Mike "Skinny" Sarrazin

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